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One-Line Bio

The child was born in 1979; the soul, much earlier.


The Misspent One has truly misspent his life. Born into a family of mild prosperity, he belonged to no class. He was a well-off child at school and a poor child at the country club. Yearning to live a life of refinement and dignity he was constrained by his humble origins and a startling need to rebel against the weak and permissive upper classes of his youth.

For years he toiled away on the bowels of corporate America traveling the nation helping grease the engine of global capitalism; his sullen face bleached by the dim glow of Microsoft Office.

Secretly, however, our Clark Kent yearned for the life of the mind. Engaged by the great issues of the day and inspired by the giants of the past, our hero dreams of a day when he can champion a new birth of civilization--spreading knowledge, freedom, and prosperity over the globe.

Having taken his life into his own hands, gripping on with brute force, he threw himself out of his job and into academia. His free thoughts are now devoted to someday achieving this aim and also filling his mind with crap. All while residing incognito firmly inside the Ivory Tower.

He also loves monkeys.


Ideas, books, current events, (pop) culture, monkeys.