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27 February 2004



What is the fascination with my whole name? I know it rolls of the tongue, but just call me Sean. Or Wereley. And visit my blog too.


Golly, what an incentive to post, B! But seriously, as a blogger, don't you sort of prefer to pretend that no one's reading it -- that you have no audience with opinions and expectations? I know that -- ahem -- if I were to have a blog, I would need to operate in said disturbed fashion. Re: friends you hate; to quote Stevie Smith, we all have such thoughts at times. If you can find, Brian, Stevie Smith's books Some are More Human Than Others or Cats in Color, I urge you to get your hands on them. They're very enriching. On the other hand, considering that some people will be 25 on May 17th, perhaps they can expect one as a gift from an admirer, nicht wahr?

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