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28 November 2004



Hey, slow down, it will soon "really" be Sunday. I am sure you can re-synchronise then.


Every day is like Sunday. Every day is silent and grey.

The Misspent Life

I'm just glad it's almost December, after all November spawned a monster.

Outer Life

Re: the taking longer to get there for the first time thing, others have noticed this as well. Describing the phenomenon as "subjective time," it does seem to vary depending on one's familiarity with the route, seeming longer the more unfamiliar. The sad part is your entire life itself can be measured this way, and once you're past 30 or so your life is like a journey you've taken many times before, whizzing by much quicker than your first 30 years, so that your life will be about 80% over, subjectively, by the time you reach 40. Fun, huh?


I've heard this phenomenom described thusly: As one gets older, each unit of time becomes a smaller slice of one's life, and hence it passes by more quickly. For instance, to a child, each year is a huge portion of one's life, and seems to take forever. But as one grows older, a year shrinks proportionally in comparison to one's lifespan so far, and each year seems to vanish that much more quickly. Talk about freaky (or depressing): to a 40-year-old, a year feels as long as a month would to a four-year-old.

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