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16 February 2005


Mrs. Peperium

Aren't you Norwegian? The beets, the pickled herring, the clogs...


While I'm not going to profess any strong familial ties that require me to take offense like silly Irish "people" I should really take offense that you would think I was Norwegian. Ugh.


It is often asked: "What is dumber than a dumb Swede?"

The answer is: "Two smart Norwegians!"

Mrs. Peperium

You're Swedish? Do you only eat open-faced sandwiches? What about rollmops?


Was it not John Cleese who once said, "Norway is a pimple on the buttocks of Europe"?

The Crack Young Staff

Dear Misspent:

We failed to note that the Official Contest Judges disqualified your nomination on the fairly reasonable basis that Kofi Annan is about as Norwegian as Jacques Chirac. Perhaps even less so.

We regret this unintentional slight.

The Crack Young Staff of THMQ

PS: Our excoriation of our pathetic "blogspot" ads will soon be posted on our "website."


Might I break up this carnival of Norwegophobia with a few words in support of my EEA co-residents across the North Sea? Why, they're probably only a 100 mile drive and 300 mile cruise away from me.

Although they might've had Quisling, the Norwegians have a strong record of resisting fascism, and then standing up to Soviet Communism, as a NATO member - even though they had barely enough people to muster an army to fight the Soviets (the Anglo-Dutch Allied Mobile Force were earmarked to reinforce them). Not for them the easy way out of neutrality.

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