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27 May 2005


Mrs. Peperium

We're number 6 for undressed by Kings.


In the words of Paris Hilton, "That's hot."


I was #1 for "Ceasor salad" until I corrected the misspelling in a certain comment. It seemed unfair to the ignorant to have them look for a recipe and wind up at my blog which is hardly about food at all.

Not that yours is about naked Carrot Top.

Of course, every time someone types "naked Carrot Top" on here, your hit count will go up even more.

Robert the Llama Butcher

Dude! You can have him....

Mrs. Peperium

Patum Peperium Number 1 for "transgendered Misspent". The Misspent Life follows us at Numbers 3 and 4. Put that in your naked carrot top and smoke it.

Mrs. Peperium

Oh no, we are number 1 for "when I realized I was gay".

Card's wife

Where is Misspent?

Mrs. Peperium

He's on a toot.

Card's wife

Perhaps he has a new lady friend.

Mrs. Peperium

Blimpish did say there were women at his party. He even went as far to say they were attractive. But Blimpish may have just been being polite. Misspent never really gave us any details about the party did he? Hmmmmnnn. The puzzle pieces are coming together. Do you think she's transgendered? Would Blimpish find a trangendered attractive?

Card's wife

Maybe he accidentally locked himself in the cellar.

Or maybe he's in D.C. looking for his new bachelor pad.

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