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24 May 2005


Mrs. Peperium

One of the appealing things about a REAL monarchy is that the King can disband parliament and then call a new one.


Well, if one is to be precise, in a REAL monarchy there IS NO parliament. But then, if I wanted that, I'd live in Saudi Arabia.

Mrs. Peperium

Misspent, remember last year's Senate Seersucker Thursday? Quite a few of yesterday's suckers were wearing seersucker in the photos. Foreshadowing??? I'm might have to rethink my thoughts on seersucker after this.


Seersucker before Memorial Day?

It is a shame I don't own any. Perhaps I should rectify this before I move to DC. Where can one find good seersucker?

Mrs. Peperium

Oh Misspent, you have much to learn... Last June Olympia Snow, Susan whatever her name is from Maine, Sheets Byrd, Lindsay Graham, and several other bright bulbs from the Senate wore seersucker on the same day. Yes, they all called each other the night before. Now they're all voting together. I blame it on the seersucker day.

At your age to pull off seersucker properly you will need spectators. Brooks Brothers or Ben Silver will set you up nicely and Ben Silver will set you back quite a bit. Polo usually has seersucker oxfords every spring and they look rather dashing. Mr. P wears those as I cannot get him into a seersucker suit. Poplin yes. Seersucker no way. He can pull off seersucker but unfortunately he pulls it off too.


You're preaching to the choir.

(I love that manipulative language the press and the dems use: "nuclear option." Odd terminology for the senate adjusting its own rules in a constitutional manner, isn't it?)

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