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25 July 2006



I hope all of the fun outside of class is making up for the in-class disappointments. After a while, I think you would have found northern Vermont a bit boring in the summer--albiet cooler.


I would have found it exceedingly boring. I generally hate many of the people in the program with a passion and would bet that they would be so much more of them in Vermont. Totally stuck up little brats who like to name drop and spend daddy's money and be all sophisticated and snooty because they are in Europe and Europe is, like, totally better than that sorce of all that is wrong in the Universe through out all eternity and that is filled with religious bigots and racists. Argh! While I understand it is generally unacceptable to throat-punch a woman, I have had to restrain myself on many occasions. I doubt I would have been able to be so calm if I had been in Vermont.

The biggest benefit for having fun? I can speak English while doing so.

Onwards and upwards.


You are wise to exercise restraint, and will store up treasure in heaven if you do so with the proper lofty motive. Onward and (ultimately) heavenward.


I will go radio silent for sure from this minute forward until I return to the United States in two and a half weeks. We thank you for your patience.


Come back! We miss you! How can we possibly endure for two and a half weeks?


OK. i am in hamburg tonight and am going to austra and the ljubljana tomorrow. i ate lunch today and let me tell you that it looked like vomit on a plate, but was delish.

you will get enough of me when i get back. i already have 400 pictures and plan to take about 400 more in slovenia and during blimpish's and my wittenbach/hohenzollern resurgence tour the in a week.

i am sorry to be missing, but woudl you WANT me to spend my time in germany sitting in a smelly and muggy internet cafe surrounded by smelly turks, spaniards, and italians?

oh, and i talked to/got accosted by a neonazi the other night at 2:30am outside of an S Bahn stop. it was not clear if he was actuall a neo-nazi or some other "right" wing group that are actually nothing but nihilist violence movements with little philosophical or ideological depth. he wasn't wearing the boots with the laces that would have allowed me to tell.


I do believe I found the video of Misspent in his internet cafe:


Mrs. B.

Sounds like you're having a fantastic time! Give us a call when you get home :)

Mr. and Mrs. B


Hello. Blimpish has left for the airport and I have found an internet cafe so I can figure out just what I can and cannot bring home with me on my flight Monday morning. Hopefully my flights will be uneventful and I will find myself safely tucked away in my apartment on Monday night.

Just wanted to say that all is currently well.

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