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03 July 2006



3.30am? Nothing. I drank solidly through the match, starting at 2pm and finishing at 5.30am. I'm not entirely sure how I survived, let alone avoided a hangover the next day.

(The Portuguese are a cheating nation, and Cristiano Ronaldo will burn in hell. Lampard and Gerrard must try harder, but Hargreaves- I never doubted him, honest. Oh, and I'm glad Sven's gone now.)


The German crowd was a fickle lot (as they are in general, in my mind) and seemed to be rooting for England one minute and then Portugal the next. I am surprised by the number of German flags hanging from windows and cars all over the city. I have read about the willingness to show some kind of patriotism in Germany now, but it is different when you see it in person. I was also surprised by the number of English flags being flown by the German ones. Not sure if those are cars or apartments of english expats or just German fans of the english team.

anyway, germany better get to the finals, that is all i say.


Happy to see you are safe and sound. I read that some German fans were spitting on Italian fans as they left yesterday's match. Of course, it is hard to know when the press is playing up boorish behavior of a few vs. giving a real feel for general fan conduct.

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