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14 July 2006



Re: German mullets, they're probably reliving Bowie from Aladdin Sane days. Way before your time, but echt deutsch in its own prescient way. It also features a track describing what happens whenever you post, appropriately titled "Panic in Detroit."


Here we go, back again.


Yes, it it.


Thank you four you're pointing out my mistaik, TAFNAQ. I am still alive.


What is German for Achey-Breaky Big-Mistakey?


Mein Tuckus ist kaputtgegangen.


TAFKAQ, that's because you weren't here. How was your vacation?

Misspent, when are you seeing Blimpish?

I am off to the links next week with Mr B. What a shame you won't be home for the PGA. That would be a great rendevous for all of us. Well, perhaps better for me and POPS than you and TAFKAQ, but the two of you could put up with the pastoral beauty of Medinah (and 30,000 screaming people) for my sake.


Glad to hear that you are going to play with Mr. B.

Blimpish and I will be meeting in Munich in two weeks.

More later, am being kicked off crappy computer in computer lab...


POPS, didn't you think the Open at Hoylake was great. I watched just about every second on Sat and Sun.

I can't wait to see the PGA at your place. Do you think Tiger can make it two PGAs in a row at Medinah?

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