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25 January 2007


Donny Osmond

The Gay Nazi? Ernst Roehm, eat your heart out.

Card's wife

I'd like to hear King Taylor's opinion about this season's talent.

King Taylor

The King has not yet condescended to watch. He's been too busy catching the Charlie's Angels reruns. When the competition gets fierce, trust that he will weigh in with his regal verdict.


Well, if Simon's comments are any indication, King Taylor is probably not watching. One of the guys in Memphis--with the weird goatee--sang really good blues and Simon said something like "he ran rings around Taylor."


No one with a weird goatee runs anything around the King. Except perhaps his dinner on a platter.


Never let it be said that you can't speak or sing German with an awful nasal accent. That video is proof that you can.

Donny Osmond

That's because that ass, Simon, still feels like a fool for his initial incorrect assessment of Taylor and his abilities.

And I'll bet YOU'RE still smarting from the moody Kathrine's defeat. That and the fact that she ended up to be such a jerk.


May I just say one thing?
"I don't mean to be rude, but... What.The.Bloody.Hell.Was.That?" (Simon Cowell voice)


Schnappi is feeling completely upstaged.


That is Max Raabe, one of the best German acts out there! I think he is tops!

Don't tempt me with the Schnapp.


There is something to be said for his enunciation skills. Americans are definitely too lazy for that kind of lip smacking and tongue twisting stuff! Plus most of them can't roll their Rs (which would instantly send them to special ed if they lived in a country that required rollig R skills...)


Yes, those rolled r's, it's one of the qualities that keep you watching even though you're repulsed. Kind of like not being able to take your eyes off a car accident in progress.


Speaking of which, I would like to publicly state my disappointment that YouTube does not have any good versions of I Will Wait For You from the Umbrellas of Cherbourg. The only one I could find was a rather horrid rendition of poor quality by Liza Manelli. Ugh.


Also, it is impossible to find a good version on iTunes.

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