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29 January 2007



We far excel the Germans when it comes to terrible singing. These people don't know what bad is.

And who's that kid in the 2nd U-tube, he's fantastic!


Card, you are right. frankly, being a dynamic nation, we excel at a hell of a lot, including things that in which we might want to excel. I was considering posting another DsdS video with what appears to be their version of William Hung, who is awkward enough, but nowhere near as stupendously bad. It says a lot that while Mr. Hung may not have been a native American it was only here that he could become the man he it today.

Click on the second video to go to YouTube and you will find some interesting information on the boy and the circumstances behind his singing this song.

I first caught wind of this video months and months ago and it was presented in a very dismissive "how gay" kind of thing. But you are right, it is extremely impressive. I gather that this young man was quite the star as he can be found in a few other videos.


People who think that opera singing kid is too gay, don't know what gay is. They need to watch your third U-tube choice, "Pop Star." Now THAT'S gay. (By west coast you must mean San Francisco.)


That's one really weird tradition. I reckon it's OK to channel the Queen of the Night in front of parents and friends, but the rest of the Internets may have a few questions.

Card's wife Mrs. P's telephone

Misspent, Card and I cannot weigh in on American Idol last night and tonight because we have been without a computer since Moday. Our computer is in pieces on my desk. It's a long story but it involves wine, Basil and it's just too bad you can't write like him.

Now Julio from Dell had me remove the side from the tower and had me touching wires and doing things I thought I could never do before. I'm waiting for a part from Julio knows where and am sipping while thinking of what Basil wrote. Why can't you write like him?

Idol note: The best talent does come from Alabama.

Card's wife via Mrs. P's telephone

That was me via Mrs. P's phone. Oh and my microwve blew up too.

Mrs. Peperium

Sorry about the typos. She was making me laugh too much...


Why don't I write like Basil? Probably because I'm not a good writer and have nothing interesting to say.

Is this how you repay me for saying something nice to you? You insult me twice?

Card's wife via Mrs. P's telephone

When did you ever say anything nice about me? You turn your cellphone off when you know we're having oysters. By the way the next time is Saturday. You never answer my emails. You call me the Centrum Silver Crowd...middle aged...what is nice about that?

By the way Olivia looks like she's had work done. A little too much like Kenny Rogers, don't ya think?

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