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10 January 2007


Mrs. Peperium

I'm sorry Misspent. Don't listen to sad music when you're sad. That will only complicate matters. Listen to this (Maximum Leader does so it's ok):


Mrs. Peperium

Hey, I can post. Hooray! Now I know how the Soviet people felt....

Card's wife

The Ps and Cs are thinking about visiting DC. Would that cheer you up?

Mrs. Peperium

Yes and Fiendish is paying which should cheer everyone up enormously.

Card's wife

Imagine a large table with you (original blog boy toy), Poulos, Fiendish, Andrew, Fr. M., Card, Mr. P, Mrs. P, Robert, Max and Khaki. What do you think about that?


My son, the original blog boy toy. I think I am going to cry!


Crystal Gayle is a definite step up.


Sounds like the group has grown from last year--will we wear name tags this time?


This is the first time I have been allowed to post here in weeks. However, I had to prove I am human (little do they know) and get past this stuff:
"Your comment has not been posted because the computer you are using appears on a list of machines exploitable by spammers. You can fix the problem by consulting the following results:..."


Fiendish, rest assured that I had no part in putting you on the no-no list. I am glad you have returned.

You are right that the group has grown. Are you sure you can deliver on those promised attendees? I wonder if the group will be as comfortable skipping the march and going straight to the bar?

Mrs. Cardinal, thank you for remembering my original place as the boy toy for middle-aged, but still youthful, Michigan Catholic housewives who read The New Criterion. It is much appreciated.

Mrs. Peperium

" I wonder if the group will be as comfortable skipping the march and going straight to the bar?"


Flesh that one out a bit...


Last year, Andrew and I joined a lunch in progress. Not sure when it started, but we made it all the way to the end of the March last year. It is possible that a somewhat earlier arrival by the NY contingent could be accomplished this year.

Mrs. Peperium

How about Saturday?

The Real Mrs. Peperium

Friday will be more preferable. Bring your Christmas bonus.

Seal...Basil Seal

Don't forget the biscuits.

Louise Brooks

What about my biscuits, Bazzy?

Card's wife


Mrs. Peperium

Card's wife, that was harsh. Lousie doesn't want to understand that Basil is not 007, he's 00Heaven.


I may end up having to teach on Monday until early afternoon, my final assignments have yet to be determined. It would be the first class so I can't miss it. So I might end up missing the marching again and going straight to the drinking. Regardless, I am free all weekend.

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