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26 February 2007



Being Al Gore, they did not fill out the form right for the nomination and left his name off as a producer; so according to the rules, he will not be allowed on stage for the adulation. Of course, this is a Democrat Party event; so the rules will probably be waived. The faithful will, therefore, be allowed to get on their knees and bow before their Global Warming false idol.


Imagine how much fun there will be on next years Oscars. You just know that Larry Seidlin will either be the host or nominated for best actor. Either way, I'm certain we can look forward to long, rambling talks and a lot of blubbering.

"Thank you, Misspent --I mean, Illinois-- here's my credit card, go get yourself an orange juice."


Yes, this reminds me that I need to still tell you about Judge Larry and American Idol both.

The Academy



I didn't watch it, but it couldn't possibly have topped this:


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