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22 March 2007


Yolo Cowboy

As an responsible American,I take full responsibility for your episode of vomiting and nausea, now calm down, take a deep cleansing breath and tell me what the hell you are talking about?

Yolo Cowboy

Sorry for the extra 'n'


You saw a good example of Sanjaya's fans in that weepy little whelp who was on the show the other night. The thing is, all these pre-pubescent little girls who are in love with him (because he is so young and has long hair) are on daddy's phone voting him back week after week. They don't care that he has no talent because they're in "love."

Card's wife

Khaki, did I hear that Sanjaya will be a guest "artist" performing with the Raleigh-Durham Symphony?


I didn't realize the Muppets were on tour.


Yeah, what Card said!


Wait a second... I read that he is participating as a result of a Make a Wish.


You know, that could be. Perhaps he's dying of terminal lack of talent and his big wish was to be a final 10 contestant on Idol.

He stays on much longer he could end of dying of a few bullet holes.

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