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28 March 2007



As soon as I saw (unfortunately there was no prompter warning me of this...thing...) Sanjaya's hair (?) I had to check what your reaction was...



I think Sanjaya's hair should be made into a float in the Rose Bowl parade.

Card's wife

I'd like to hear from Khaki about Sanjaya's latest song stylings. After all, Khaki has a great deal of musical training and is an accomplished pianist in his own right.

And then, perhaps, we could hear the Maximum Leader comment on the hair styling. If I recall correctly, Maximum Leader is a hairdresser.


I have it on good authority that Sanjaya's hair WAS a float in the Rose Bowl parade and that when Mike Rowe did that episode of Dirty Jobs about tearing down moldy old Rose Bowl floats he stole it and gave it to Sanjaya for just this moment of national self-humiliation.


Card's wife, your kindness is outdone only by Sanjaya's horrible lack of talent. A classic case of contrasting the sublime with the ridiculous.

Shall we start a mutual admiration society? Bring the Card too, and anyone else who's worthy to appreciate your charms. Oysters at Mitchell's and the tab's on me--but not this weekend because I'm going to the beach tomorrow. Duty calls.

Card's wife

What duty at what beach?

Has anyone told you that you look like you could be Taylor Hicks brother?

Such talent from Alabama.


An undisclosed location. My duty is my work, I assure you.

So kind of you to flatter me. 'Tis true, resembling the King is a fine gift; but to have Sanjaya's fauxhawk, 'twere very heaven.


Fawn fawn fawn. Get a room people.


Are you talking to me?


Khaki, you're going to the beach? What will you be wearing?

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