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04 April 2007



Requisite pointless comment not about the post. So sue me.


Maybe I will...for $1350.


Well, I have to admit, the last time I priced a ticket to Berlin (in February, for May) it was only about $700. So in some loose, purely Clintonesque way, I feel your pain.


Wait--should I have posted that last comment on the other post? What if BOTH posts wind up with comments about the SAME THING? What if it's ALL MY FAULT?? WHAT IF???


I can post here, right? I mean, this is the section for comments about me...I mean, American Idol, right?

But what if I want to make a comment that isn't strictly about American Idol. You know, that isn't about my awful singing. Like what if I want to comment about Dancing With the Stars, do I do it here or someplace else? Wow, I can't find a post about Dancing With the Stars. If I can't find a post on a subject I wish to bring up, what do I do? Does POPS have a site where dancing is covered? Is this just the singing site? Oh boy, I really am confused.

But let me just say this: I'm going no place tonight. Haley or Phil may be going home, but NOT yours truly. Whether you like it or not, I'm stickin' around and if you don't like it, you can kiss my Indo-American a**.

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