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03 April 2007



Which Freiburg?


I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

P.S. Remember to watch tonight. It's Tony Bennett night! It'll be a walk in the park for me to shove another more talented singer off the show.

The Neighbors

Thank goodness. We were afraid you'd be home all summer.


Dear Sanjie,

Which more talented singer will you shove? Inquiring minds want to know.


Ur Adoring Public


I think it's time for Haley to feel the sting of the Sanjie boot. Backstage she's a real beeeeyotch!


We know all about beeeeyotches in these parts.

Card's wife

Haley did a great job. I have a feeling that Sanjaya is leaving tonight. Good-bye and good riddance!


You know I am getting the feeling that you, like anyone else with half a mind, don't even read this blog. Otherwise you would have put this under a post that actually has something to do with American Idol (and not because you put fake comments about American Idol here), see for example the one above that outlines my thoughts on Tuesday's episode.


I can feel the love. Really, I can. If I felt it any more I'd have to be locked up from the ecstasy.

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